Lustrous Luminosity - Green Gems and Silver Bracelet - Paparazzi Accessories

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​Lustrous Luminosity - Green Gem and Silver Bracelet - Paparazzi Accessories - 

Featuring sleek silver fittings, an oversized collection of sparkly green gems delicately link around the wrist. The centermost gem is slightly larger than the rest, adding a glamorous finish. Features an adjustable clasp closure. Sold as one individual bracelet. 

You can find matching accessories in our green and silver collections on this website. Mix and match jewelry to create your own unique look - set. 

Paparazzi Accessories are lead free and nickel free. 

These items are not currently in stock but have been ordered will be arriving in the near future. We should receive these items in approximately 2 - 3 weeks. We will then ship all paid orders - items to you. Order date: 09/13/2021

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